2020 started pretty well. Workwise all was fine and dandy. A stint in Panto was followed by a nice, lengthy contract on ‘ Corrie’.   To be honest, both were welcome distractions from losing my dear Aunty Flis towards the end of the previous year.  Flis was a complete one off and it seemed as though the world had lost one of it’s real characters.  She was kind,  beautiful ,  outspoken and probably the most un PC person I have ever met …but she meant…Continue Reading “Musings from Lockdown”

  The Greek Islands have always been special to me.  Back in the heady days of the 80’s,  I was there a lot – usually with my partner in crime, Rich,  or sometimes just me and my dodgy mullett. .  Crete, Rhodes, Zante, Kefalonia, Skiathos, Aegina  and others all served a fabulous mix of beach bars, bum bags, ouzo, motor bikes and Gyros kebabs that gave us a lifetime of sun drenched,  booze fuelled memories. You can’t, of course, ever go back.  Well…you can, but you can’t…Continue Reading “Sifnos, Greece, September 2019”

The last time I crossed the Menai Bridge to Anglesey was in the back seat of my mom and dad’s car on the way to our static caravan in Benclech Bay.   Three boys squashed in the back,  bored with the endless rounds of ‘ I spy ‘ and driving my parents to near insanity with ‘ are we nearly there yet?’ being asked at 3-minute intervals.   Memories are still vivid of those holidays.  Donkeys on the beach.  Dad wearing a suit under sunny blue skies. (…Continue Reading “Going Back To Anglesey”

Life,  for many reasons, is rather good these days.  There are definitely ‘reasons to be cheerful’ but I won’t bore you with those just now.  Let’s just throw in a somewhat triumphant  ‘ BACK OF THE NET !!’ and leave it there . That same life, though, also has an annoying habit of throwing a bloody great spanner in the works sometimes. It’s as if  God has had a look down from his fluffy cloud and said to himself   ‘ He’s having way too much of…Continue Reading “The Eye Of The Storm”

So… once in a blue moon, and sometimes not even then , a job comes along that makes it all worth while .  In 30 years of working on home soil , rarely working in places more glamorous than Cardiff or Canterbury (  lovely as they are )  ,  I have never worked as an Actor abroad.  Until now. The agent called .  ‘  I’ve had a message from a company in Singapore  Tom.  They are doing a Christmas show and want to audition you…Continue Reading “Eastern Horizons – Singapore Part 1”

Its always a pleasure to go to Wales . Memories of childhood holidays in Anglesea and Tenby remain clear and precious and any chance I get , I head west across the border ,  driving through the utterly glorious mountains of Snowdonia National Park. My brother Dave used to go fishing to a spot near Abersoch , in north west Wales.  Its a beautiful spot , hidden from the tourist trail,  looking out onto an expansive bay . He loved it so much around there…Continue Reading “Just A Spot”

A bit of a departure from my usual posts , this one , but something really moved me recently and I wanted to add some thoughts . I have an Aunty who is , shall we say , something of a character . Felicity is 91 and though she has lost a lot of mobility , she still retains a razor sharp mind.  She has opinions and ,  my goodness,  will she express them . Some years ago , Flis was very ill with cancer….Continue Reading “Beautiful Bingo”