Life,  for many reasons, is rather good these days.  There are definitely ‘reasons to be cheerful’ but I won’t bore you with those just now.  Let’s just throw in a somewhat triumphant  ‘ BACK OF THE NET !!’ and leave it there . That same life, though, also has an annoying habit of throwing a bloody great spanner in the works sometimes. It’s as if  God has had a look down from his fluffy cloud and said to himself   ‘ He’s having way too much of…Continue Reading “The Eye Of The Storm”

Its always a pleasure to go to Wales . Memories of childhood holidays in Anglesea and Tenby remain clear and precious and any chance I get , I head west across the border ,  driving through the utterly glorious mountains of Snowdonia National Park. My brother Dave used to go fishing to a spot near Abersoch , in north west Wales.  Its a beautiful spot , hidden from the tourist trail,  looking out onto an expansive bay . He loved it so much around there…Continue Reading “Just A Spot”

A bit of a departure from my usual posts , this one , but something really moved me recently and I wanted to add some thoughts . I have an Aunty who is , shall we say , something of a character . Felicity is 91 and though she has lost a lot of mobility , she still retains a razor sharp mind.  She has opinions and ,  my goodness,  will she express them . Some years ago , Flis was very ill with cancer….Continue Reading “Beautiful Bingo”