The Greek Islands have always been special to me.  Back in the heady days of the 80’s,  I was there a lot – usually with my partner in crime, Rich,  or sometimes just me and my dodgy mullett. .  Crete, Rhodes, Zante, Kefalonia, Skiathos, Aegina  and others all served a fabulous mix of beach bars, bum bags, ouzo, motor bikes and Gyros kebabs that gave us a lifetime of sun drenched,  booze fuelled memories. You can’t, of course, ever go back.  Well…you can, but you can’t…Continue Reading “Sifnos, Greece, September 2019”

The last time I crossed the Menai Bridge to Anglesey was in the back seat of my mom and dad’s car on the way to our static caravan in Benclech Bay.   Three boys squashed in the back,  bored with the endless rounds of ‘ I spy ‘ and driving my parents to near insanity with ‘ are we nearly there yet?’ being asked at 3-minute intervals.   Memories are still vivid of those holidays.  Donkeys on the beach.  Dad wearing a suit under sunny blue skies. (…Continue Reading “Going Back To Anglesey”

So… once in a blue moon, and sometimes not even then , a job comes along that makes it all worth while .  In 30 years of working on home soil , rarely working in places more glamorous than Cardiff or Canterbury (  lovely as they are )  ,  I have never worked as an Actor abroad.  Until now. The agent called .  ‘  I’ve had a message from a company in Singapore  Tom.  They are doing a Christmas show and want to audition you…Continue Reading “Eastern Horizons – Singapore Part 1”

I’ve always liked a castle. Rainy days on Welsh holidays of my childhood took us to quite a few of them . Beaumaris . Canaervon . Conway . All perfect backdrops for a 10 year old’s vivid imagination . Beynac Castie , cut majestically into the cliffs , didn’t disappoint . It’s simple .. no dramatic lighting or wax work models of servants stoking the fire .. just a very well preserved reminder of life gone by Now I don’t know the ins and outs…Continue Reading “France – Day 12. Balloons and Battlements”

As I write this ( 12.15 am ) , there is a most extraordinary lightning storm going on outside my window . Sheets of white lightning completely filling the night sky … making it seem like daylight for a few seconds at a time . Never seen anything like it . It’s as if God is bored and is turning a light switch on and off . Thunder is rolling in the distance and getting louder by the minute. Even the house – strong and…Continue Reading “France – Day 11. Blow wind! Crack thy cheeks!”

Everyone has their own dream of what the ‘ perfect life ‘ would be . Days spent people watching with a cold beer … waking up to the sound of the sea ….anything that takes us away from the daily grind . The grass , of course , is always greener . Reality has a habit putting dreams on hold . People watching is ruined by bloody wasps … the sound of the sea is drowned out by shrieking seagulls and your favourite lilo springs…Continue Reading “France – Day 10. Mushy peas”

I’m now officially at Chez Pascale – the glorious converted farm house just outside Domme . Amongst many other plus points , it has probably the best view from a loo I think I’ve ever seen . Took a little trip to Domme this morning – a walled old town perched on a hill with panoramic views to die for . The charm of this area just goes on . Following a supermarket trip , ( a universally dull but necessary experience made even more…Continue Reading “France – Day 8. A loo with a view”

A morning spent filming bits and pieces in Sarlat . I’m enjoying the whole vlogging thing and I think it’s something I can do .. as opposed to , say , changing the oil filter on a Ford Focus . Forgive me for straying off task a little on this entry but given that today was similar in its content to yesterday , I would be in danger of repeating myself . I’ll try to be concise . I’m still reeling from a comment I…Continue Reading “France – Day 6. On a tangent”