Woke up early in a bit of a tizz . I won’t bore you with the details but it was essentially to do with a very weird dream . I’d gone to work at a school . For some reason , Rich was with me though quite why was never established . Anyway , I did something terribly wrong ( again , that wasn’t made clear ) and all the staff, including Rich , or ‘Judas ‘ as I shall now call him, formed an…Continue Reading “France – Day 5. Balls dropped”

Sleep , when it feels like your body is on fire , does not come easy . The wet towel placed across my lobster coloured torso was about as unattractive an image as you will ever have but ,  sometimes , needs must . True to my plan though , I did get up early and I did hire a bike .  I must have appeared nervous . ‘ Ne vous en faites pas ‘ said the friendly bike assistant ‘ Il n’y a pas…Continue Reading “France – Day 3. More of the same”

You know what they say about best intentions ?  I had planned ( as much as I ever plan anything ) to get up early , stroll to the bike hire place and tootle across to Richard ( my friend , who has rented the shit hole of a place in the photo below ) with my basket stuffed full of baguettes and pastries for all to share . In this complete cul de sac of a plan ,  I imagined myself  waving cheerfully at…Continue Reading “France – Day 2. Inflatable Flamingos *”

If Carlsberg did airlines , they wouldn’t do Ryan Air .  Despite its impressive attempt to put a dampner on things , we arrived . A little miffed . A trifle knackered …. but we arrived . My first attempt to put into practice my rusty French language skills was less than glowing . The hire car lady was not really the ideal subject for my stuttering efforts . I don’t think she would have been that interested in my statement that’  I live in…Continue Reading “France – Day 1. Sarlat Le Canade”