France – Day 12. Balloons and Battlements

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I’ve always liked a castle. Rainy days on Welsh holidays of my childhood took us to quite a few of them . Beaumaris . Canaervon . Conway . All perfect backdrops for a 10 year old’s vivid imagination .

Beynac Castie , cut majestically into the cliffs , didn’t disappoint . It’s simple .. no dramatic lighting or wax work models of servants stoking the fire .. just a very well preserved reminder of life gone by

Now I don’t know the ins and outs of how to build things . I struggle with an IKEA bookcase to be fair … but it never ceases to amaze me how well these historical buildings are constructed . My builder friends will no doubt correct me , but I’m assuming they didn’t have scaffolding in those days ? Or concrete ? I can’t imagine there were too many people having their drives tarmacced back in 1275. Yet these incredible structures still stand after 500 plus years . Can’t see my terraced house in Lichfield being around that long .

Anyway … back at Chez Pascale , the early evening saw a most welcome visitor . Drifting into view as we sipped our aperitifs came a huge hot air balloon . It was as if Philius Fogg had popped by on his way around the world. Ok .. it was a well to do family from the Cotswolds more like , but in my mind it was the former .

It’s all a bit cooler now as the holiday draws to a close.. That said , I’m still sat by the pool. Tough life sometimes .

A la prochaine , mes braves