Eastern Horizons – Singapore Part 1

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So… once in a blue moon, and sometimes not even then , a job comes along that makes it all worth while .  In 30 years of working on home soil , rarely working in places more glamorous than Cardiff or Canterbury (  lovely as they are )  ,  I have never worked as an Actor abroad.  Until now.

The agent called .  ‘  I’ve had a message from a company in Singapore  Tom.  They are doing a Christmas show and want to audition you for King Rat.  Flights and accommodation sorted plus a decent fee’ .  ‘ Great! ‘  I replied , rather too casually , as though these kind of chances come my way every day . ‘  I’ll have to check , but I think I’m feee ‘  .  I knew , of course , I was free before checking but one has to at least pretend to be in demand .  One ‘ Skype’ audition ( another first ) later ,  I’d got the job .  A month in Singapore , performing at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel . Google it .  We are seriously not talking ‘ Travelodge ‘ .

The journey itself was an adventure . As someone more used to the cattle shed workings of RyanAir and Easy Jet ,  the more civilised experience of Swiss Air made me excited about air travel for the first time in a lot of years .  Free drinks . Decent food .  In flight entertainment .  And the best bit ….. someone waiting at the airport with my name on a piece of card .  I felt , for a short while at least . just a little bit important !

I’m staying with Ellie and Charlie ,  two lovely ladies who work for the company .   The accommodation used to be the old barracks , apparently, from the days when Singapore had a strong colonial military presence .  All very roomy and , crucially , air conditioned   Air conditioning is everywhere here and it really has to be .  Its incredibly humid .  One short walk is enough to make you sweat buckets and its just a huge relief to get indoors and cool again .   As hot as it is ,  it also very wet at times with most mornings so far seeing major thunder storms .

It was a few days before I could head downtown . Rehearsals began straight away and take up all the day  – leaving just enough time to get food and acclimatised .  When Friday came , though , I was not going to waste the opportunity .

Its always difficult , isn’t it , to know where to start when you go to a new place . People kindly make suggestions but its impossible to cover everything .  There needs, I think , to be some sort of plan otherwise you just wander aimlessly around not really knowing where to go . I had heard about a good Blues Bar called  The Crazy Elephant ‘ .  It seemed a good bet .  I know I like Blues and it seemed to be in a decent , lively part of town so I headed there . I took the tube ( the MRT ).  packed with commuters with heads in their phones  ( nothing changes there ! )  and had to marvel at the sheer spotlessness of it all .  There is just no litter here . People don’t do it …end of .  If they did , they would face a serious fine but you get the impression they wouldn’t dream of it anyway . Same goes for public eating and drinking …..it doesn’t happen .

The bar was tremendous .  A great band ( they even came and chatted between sets ) and a brilliant vibe that screamed ‘ happy ‘ rather than ‘ things may kick off’ ‘  .  The only downside is the price of a pint .  Around a tenner .  Ouch . Might explain the lack of pissed up revellers ….people just can’t afford to be bladdered !

Day 2 of my two days off took me to the heart of Singapore  – the Marina Bay . If you ever see a picture of this city , this will probably be the image . Huge, sky splitting buildings , that didn’t even exist before 2005 ,   framing a glittering bay peppered with brightly lit, pretty boats . And right in the middle, the Marina Bay Sands hotel….the venue for this show . Three massive towers , topped with what looks like a sleek submarine ….a bit like a giant set of glittery cricket stumps, complete with bails .  It seriously takes your breath away .

More to report in part two ….including a ‘ Benny Hill ‘ type chase through Singapore and more on the reason I’m here …..the show itself .