The Eye Of The Storm

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Life,  for many reasons, is rather good these days.  There are definitely ‘reasons to be cheerful’ but I won’t bore you with those just now.  Let’s just throw in a somewhat triumphant  ‘ BACK OF THE NET !!’ and leave it there .

That same life, though, also has an annoying habit of throwing a bloody great spanner in the works sometimes. It’s as if  God has had a look down from his fluffy cloud and said to himself   ‘ He’s having way too much of a good time down there, I’ll soon put a stop that‘ .

And so it was that last Thursday morning I awoke from my slumbers with weird black shadow in the corner of my left eye.  Now, those who know me will tell you that I’m not really a morning person so its probably not surprising to learn that in my general haziness I thought a fly had landed on my nose.  In hindsight, I wish it had been a fly.  Turns out I had a ‘ detached retina’.  Now,  I won’t enlarge on the medical ins and outs but basically, it’s pretty serious and needs to be sorted pronto.

I knew a little bit about it, to be fair as the same thing had happened to my other eye a couple of years back.  Seems I’m just unlucky ( as well as having rubbish eyes)  Detached retinae are most commonly experienced by boxers or bungee jumpers,  neither of which I have even considered as a hobby. If it had been linked to being sarcastic and flicking beer mats I would have totally understood.  No,  I had what is known as ‘ Spontaneous Detachment’ which means it just happened suddenly.  See,  I always saw ‘ Spontaneous’ as a positive word.  I mean, it’s good to be spontaneous, right?   A spontaneous weekend away or a spontaneous night out sound a lot better than your retina ‘spontaneously’ parting company with the rest of your eyeball.  Words, eh ? Little buggars .

So……its done now.  This is day 4 after the op and I’m under strict instructions to re – coup.   Sight should come back after a week or so but for now it’s sitting up straight and catching up on podcasts.   I’m also getting into a spot of meditation.  Not your full blown Buddhist mantra level, more listening to mellifluent voices going on about blue skies and sunny vistas against a soundscape of lapping oceans and seagulls.  Ok, I’m not selling it, but it does the business in a peace and love sort of way.

And finally…. it may not have been the greatest weekend but there were some standout moments of kindness. June, who drove me to the hospital, sat and waited for 5 hours and drove me home.   Andy,  who took me back the next day when more things needed doing.  And lovely Mu, who drove down to help with shopping, walking the dog, putting drops in my eyes, wiping the crumbs off my top and being a shoulder.   If this was an Oscar acceptance speech, they’d be top of the list of people to thank.

Right … back to travel blogs soon.  Anglesea, Palma and a Greek Island in the next few months.  All seen, with a bit of luck, through two, eager eyes.

A bientot