Going Back To Anglesey

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The last time I crossed the Menai Bridge to Anglesey was in the back seat of my mom and dad’s car on the way to our static caravan in Benclech Bay.   Three boys squashed in the back,  bored with the endless rounds of ‘ I spy ‘ and driving my parents to near insanity with ‘ are we nearly there yet?’ being asked at 3-minute intervals.


Memories are still vivid of those holidays.  Donkeys on the beach.  Dad wearing a suit under sunny blue skies. ( top button undone as the only concession to the heat  ) Rain showers drumming the top of the ‘ bijou’ white caravan   Calor gas light bulbs.  Candy floss at the fair.  And rockpools.  Those glorious rockpools.  I spent hours in those watery delights, Just me, a fishing net and a lot of curiosity.

An so it was,  some 45 years later, that I found myself back on the Island.  No fishing net this time but the curiosity remained.

After a detour to Abersoch, to say ‘ hello’ and have ‘ just a spot’ of wine on the bench with Mom and my brother, Dave,  we ( that’s me, Muriel and Charlie )  arrived at our home for the weekend.  ‘Duck House’ is a cosy bolthole down a quiet track with really not very much around it apart from a few chickens, a lot of sheep and assorted other animals who wander into view as the fancy takes them.  Inside was pretty good too.  A well-stocked fridge,  warmth from the wood burner and a roll top bath.  Call me old fashioned, but that’s a pretty good weekend from the outset.

I may be wrong ( and I often am ) but it seems to that Anglesey gets a bit overlooked in favour of the more well-known mainland places.  Not sure why…It’s beautiful.  Expansive, dune framed beaches and a rugged coastline that, in my book, easily matches Cornwall.  It’s also the perfect viewing distance from Snowdonia,  giving often spectacular glimpses of snow-capped mountains.

Charlie the pooch was, of course, in his element.  It’s all it takes really…a ball, a beach and all manner of things to sniff.  Happiness in its simplest form. We could all learn from that.

We walked. We drank wine . We ate cheese on good bread.  We savoured ice cream by the water’s edge and we listened to the sea.

Sometimes, it’s good to go back. Not to recapture a time that’s gone but to make new memories in a special place.

Till the next time, Anglesey.