Musings from Lockdown

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2020 started pretty well. Workwise all was fine and dandy. A stint in Panto was followed by a nice, lengthy contract on ‘ Corrie’.   To be honest, both were welcome distractions from losing my dear Aunty Flis towards the end of the previous year.  Flis was a complete one off and it seemed as though the world had lost one of it’s real characters.  She was kind,  beautiful ,  outspoken and probably the most un PC person I have ever met …but she meant no malice and was loved, and now missed,  by many.

As winter turned to Spring though, the dark clouds of an invisible enemy began to gather.  Reports were coming in of new virus in China that was spreading at an alarming rate. As scary as it was though, there was a feeling intitially that it would just subside. Surely it wouldn’t reach our little Island?  It seems the government thought  that too and not a great deal was done to prepare for what was to come. And when it did come,  boy did the shit hit the fan. As people were ordered to stay home, our towns and cities were left deserted as shops, schools  and services closed down. NHS and frontline staff turned into heroes as they battled to cope with rising infection and for a while it looked as though the hospitals wouldn’t be able to cope.  Grandparents couldn’t hold their new born grandchildren,  elderley relatives couldn’t  be visited by their own children and everyone had to be 2 meters apart.  Most of us did what we had to do, filling time with online quizzes and learning new skills. Gardens became little oasis’s of escape.  Other’s defied the rules and carried on regardless.  We may still have to pay for that … or at least wait even longer for any sort of ‘ normality’ to rturn.

It’s tough for so many and for different reasons.  For the parents who are home schooling the kids,  for grandparents stuck inside four walls, for the supermarket workers, for the isolated and, of course, the extraordinary NHS workers.  We clap for them, and rightly so, but they deserve much more when all this comes to an end.  I can’t deny I feel overhwhelmed at times. There are good days and bad ones  – the same for us all.  The absence of ‘ family’ feels acute sometimes. I wish there was someone to be reunited with when the barriers come down. I don’t think I’ve ever missed them all as I miss them now.  But there is always light where there is darkness,  and that comes from the extended ‘ family’ of friends.  Friends I’ve known for years and new ones.  Good people are all around and I am so grateful for that.  And then, of course, there’s Charlie!

We will get through it. This time will become a memory and maybe lessons will be learnt. Even now there are good things to come from all this. The planet can breathe fresher air, the birds can be heard in all their glory and the sun is helping us along the way.

See you all on the other side !

RIP Aunty Flis 1928 – 2019