France – Day 3. More of the same

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Sleep , when it feels like your body is on fire , does not come easy . The wet towel placed across my lobster coloured torso was about as unattractive an image as you will ever have but ,  sometimes , needs must .

True to my plan though , I did get up early and I did hire a bike .  I must have appeared nervous . ‘ Ne vous en faites pas ‘ said the friendly bike assistant ‘ Il n’y a pas beaucoup des collines ‘   – loosely translated as ‘ Man up ! There’s  only the odd hill ‘  He may have been friendly but he was also a liar … the route was ALL hills . I was up and down , as they say , like a bride’s nighty .

And so to another day by the pool . We commentated on the ‘ Inflatables Grand National ‘ .  We threw balls and caught them . We made farty noises with the lilos .  All carried out by the adults of course . The youngsters just tutted and read their books .

The hills had not gone anywhere and the ride home proved equally challenging . A pit stop was needed and a cafe with those ‘ loungers ‘ that you blow up by wafting them around seemed like an oasis .  The cheerful chappie behind the counter seemed to know I was close to keeling over so instructed me to take a seat ( I say seats – the choice was one of these wafty things or a hammock ). Guessing that my attempt to lie in a hammock would end in carnage , I plumped for a wafty thing . Surprisingly comfy actually .. until you try to stand up . Smooth or elegant don’t describe my attempts . Despite this lobster coloured , wobbly legged Englishman entering his cafe , the man could not have been nicer . He virtually insisted I share the last massive water bottle with him – you know – the ones you get in offices – and he proceeded to tell me all about his brother in Cambridge. Granted .. my replies were not incisive but he seemed genuinely interested in my offering of ‘ I have been to Cambridge . It is pretty . There are many students there ‘

Canoes tomorrow which should be fun

Night all .

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