France – Day 5. Balls dropped

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Woke up early in a bit of a tizz . I won’t bore you with the details but it was essentially to do with a very weird dream . I’d gone to work at a school . For some reason , Rich was with me though quite why was never established . Anyway , I did something terribly wrong ( again , that wasn’t made clear ) and all the staff, including Rich , or ‘Judas ‘ as I shall now call him, formed an angry mob and ran me out of town . Very peculiar . I had to make a cup of tea and have a ‘ Petite Buerre’ biscuit to calm me down.

To my relief , the day got better . A bike ride with Rich and Ali took us through cooling canopies of trees , past village roof tops and alongside the meandering Dordogne . It felt like The Famous Five Go Cycling ‘ … if The Famous Five were middle aged , hadn’t got a dog and there was only three of them . Let’s not get pedantic though ..

At the end of it all it was time to hand back the bike . It had served me well over the three days and I must have clocked up over 50 miles . Not bad , considering the heat and my general unfitness .

Throngs of people again in Sarlat this evening . I have to say I’m most impressed by their support of street theatre . It is of .. mixed standard shall we say . I stopped to join a big group who were watching a chap juggle . Now I’m all for a bit of fancy ball work ( matron ) but this bloke looked like he’d just learnt how to do it that day.  . Balls were everywhere .. mostly on the floor . Fair play to him though .. he was having a go and God loves a tryer , as they say .

Anyway .. I’m probably rambling so will cut it short .

Bonsoir and sweet streams. ‘ Dreams ‘ even

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