France – Day 6. On a tangent

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A morning spent filming bits and pieces in Sarlat . I’m enjoying the whole vlogging thing and I think it’s something I can do .. as opposed to , say , changing the oil filter on a Ford Focus .

Forgive me for straying off task a little on this entry but given that today was similar in its content to yesterday , I would be in danger of repeating myself .

I’ll try to be concise . I’m still reeling from a comment I had from a teacher at Junior school about an essay I’d written called ‘ What I Did At The Weekend ‘ . Ok … we aren’t talking Proust with a title like that but I put my heart and soul into those 4 Sides , recounting every detail from what I had for tea to every TV programme I watched . The comment , in red pen at the end, cut me to the core ;

‘ Try to get to the point quicker .. 14 out of 20’

Some things never change !

It’s tricky though , isn’t it ? We live in a world now where communication is abbreviated and snappy . Attention spans , shortened by the ability to get what we want immediately , reflect a society that is high on instant gratification but low on any desire to appreciate or explore our language .

It’s the same with music . I heard somewhere recently that ‘ intros ‘ any longer than a few seconds are not used in pop music any more . Apparently , if it doesn’t go straight into a catchy chorus really soon , it won’t sell . They clearly won’t be re releasing ‘ Stairway To Heaven ‘ any time soon then .

Anyway , that teacher who told me to get on with it might be reading so I’d better call it a day .

I do love it here . Missing Charlie the dog though ( who is apparently having a whale of a time without me ! ) . Maybe one day , he can come with me and we might just stay .

Bonsoir , mes petites choux