France – Day 8. A loo with a view

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I’m now officially at Chez Pascale – the glorious converted farm house just outside Domme . Amongst many other plus points , it has probably the best view from a loo I think I’ve ever seen .

Took a little trip to Domme this morning – a walled old town perched on a hill with panoramic views to die for . The charm of this area just goes on .

Following a supermarket trip , ( a universally dull but necessary experience made even more disappointing by the discovery that it’s virtually impossible to buy Hallumi cheese in France ) , it was back to the house for more pool action .  Sadly , Len the inflatable Flamingo had suffered a tragic puncture incident on his wing and was , shall we say , somewhat deflated . Rest in Peace , Len .

I’m trying to avoid the subject of weather but I guess I’m English so I should say something . It’s hot . There . That covers that .

The night sky here is beautiful . We lie back and just gaze upwards as a kind of gentle drawing down of the day . Every night there are shooting stars – some leaving trails of light as they go . They happen every night all over the world , of course , but our lives are so busy we just don’t get to see them . Sometimes it’s good to make time and just obverse life for a while .

Bon nuit , mes amis . A demain