France – Day 10. Mushy peas

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Everyone has their own dream of what the ‘ perfect life ‘ would be . Days spent people watching with a cold beer … waking up to the sound of the sea ….anything that takes us away from the daily grind .

The grass , of course , is always greener . Reality has a habit putting dreams on hold . People watching is ruined by bloody wasps … the sound of the sea is drowned out by shrieking seagulls and your favourite lilo springs a leek .

All that aside , I could still be persuaded to sort out a passport for Charlie the dog and just set up home here .

Anyway .. back to the hols .

Following the demise of Len the inflatable Flamingo ( a tragic wing accident ) , the pool has lost some of its wildlife , but we manage to struggle on without him . I am very weary of ever saying ‘ it’s too hot ‘ but at 40 degrees , it’s even a struggle walking to the fridge . First world problems have never been greater .

We took an early evening trip to Domme, an utterly delightful town perched on top of a hill . Beers and gin n tonics .. plus , bizarrely , a free tub of mushy peas , sat nicely in such glorious surroundings .

To round the day off ..a quiz around the dinner table . I was paired with Rich … and we came 4th… or last to be more accurate . I , of course , blamed everything except the real reason for the defeat … my lack of knowledge .

A storm is brewing … and about time too !