France – Day 11. Blow wind! Crack thy cheeks!

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As I write this ( 12.15 am ) , there is a most extraordinary lightning storm going on outside my window . Sheets of white lightning completely filling the night sky … making it seem like daylight for a few seconds at a time . Never seen anything like it . It’s as if God is bored and is turning a light switch on and off . Thunder is rolling in the distance and getting louder by the minute. Even the house – strong and sturdy – is creaking under the pressure. This is thunder and lightning on an epic scale … and I love it !

Great day today . Another canoe trip down the river followed by a BBQ at Chez Pascale . It’s a full house … my mate Rich and his partner Ali . Her kids , George , Ollie and Jen plus boyfriend Charlie . Then Rich ‘s daughter Rachael with her boyfriend Joe . I’d like to say it’s like ‘ The Waltons’ but that would make me Grandpa so forget I said that .

Funny what you miss from home isn’t it ? It’s mostly small things like Corn Flakes and ready made custard – both of which I’m sure you can get here if you look hard enough . Can’t deny I miss Charlie though . the little ragamuffin might well be clueless at times but he’s a fine little chap and that’ll do for me .

And still the thunder comes . There is something very cosy about being inside when nature is venting it’s spleen outside . A little part of wants to run outside in my pants and just stand in the rain. Another of those moments that might work in a film but in reality would see me tripping up on a garden rake and ending up in a bush .

Still tempted though …

A demain , mes braves

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  1. Hi Tom. Really enjoy reading your blog. We must discuss more local and national theatre over that lunch. In the meantime keep on trucking!

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