Hi folks.

My name is Rich ( to some people ‘ Tom’ ..but more that of later !) .

I live in Lichfield , UK with my pooch , Charlie . For most of my life I’ve been an Actor …a job that many perhaps see as glamorous one but for most of us who take that somewhat rocky route it’s something of a precarious life. I’ve done OK and have worked pretty extensively on a range of theatre and TV over the years .livin Not remotely famous but making a living ( just ! ) Some months have been great and money has been made – others have been slow and the inevitable worry about how the bills are going to be covered comes around again. Alongside the acting I’ve done all sorts of things – set up and managed theatre schools , taught Drama , produced plays and set up companies . its all part and parcel of the life of an Actor – to do the work you love you have create other income streams and keep a lot of irons in the fire .

So..what’s this all about?  I hear you ask. I guess the simple answer is that I like to write. In the old days I kept a diary …this is just another version.  If things amuse me, delight me, inspire me, move me, bug me…I’ll make a note of it. That way, it stays in my memory longer. I also love to take pictures – still and moving -to illustrate all kinds of things such as  travel , friendships and experiences. . So…the obvious step , it seems , is to blog and vlog ! Those are two words I never thought I’d even say but it seems to make sense . I will do my best to make film clips and blogs that are interesting and might even strike a chord with some people . Please feel free to say hello and share thoughts along the way.

Oh , and as for the ‘ Tom ‘ thing – it’s my stage name . Richard was already taken ! Probably half the people I know call me ‘Tom’ so if that’s you …don’t change !